What is in your mind when hear the body of a car …?
There are some perceptions that arise but most will answer: “body of a car is the place to make the car body, the body of the car repair, car paint repair place … and so forth.
Start the salt involved in the automotive world is no stranger to hear the word “body of a car”.

Ok, now try the discussion narrowed to a specific topic, namely the bus body of a car, why:
1. Bus transportation is a common tool used in transportation services in Indonesia.
2. This transport could be called the custom ride, which specifications depending on who the buyer of this transportation vehicles.
3. Its existence has a loyal community (bismania) and a mass transportation that is quite popular in addition to the classification of railway land transportation.
4. and other means of transportation that make this so interesting and the subject community.

There are several classifications body created in the body of a car industry:
Minivan / minibus, the standards body for the standard classification of passengers between 7 s / d 14 passengers only.
Small Bus, which is the standard body for the classification of passengers to 18 passengers.
Medium Bus / Midibus, which is standard for the classification body to 29 passengers.
Big Bus, which is the standard body for the classification number of passengers to 59 passengers.
Of several classification must be listed above the time of booking a bus from the costumer to the body of a car industry as the maker (body maker) this mass passenger vehicles.
While variants of each classification also added the time of booking, this variant is not much different variants issued ATPM industry, there are standard models, and optional full option, each of which gave the body of a car industry as their trade mark.

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